Praise for Benjamin Weiner

“I highly recommend Benjamin Weiner and Wave Tutoring. After Benjamin helped my daughter prepare for the SAT, her score improved by over 200 points. She earned a 2340 and now attends an Ivy League university. My daughter was always a strong student, but Benjamin introduced her to specific exam strategies that made a huge difference. I have never met Benjamin personally, but I recommend Wave Tutoring to all my friends who have teenagers.”

Soheila V. Berkeley, CA

“Ben knows all the SAT secrets. After working with him, I scored over 2300 on the SAT as a high school freshman! Today, I’m a sophomore at Amherst, one of the top liberal arts colleges in America. Ben’s help made all the difference.”

William J. Los Angeles, CA

“Ben Weiner helped my daughter prepare for the SAT and her score improved significantly. He also helped her improve her grades in several AP classes and craft excellent essays for her college applications. Today she attends USC and has a bright future. I am extremely satisfied with the service Ben provided and have passed his name along to many of my friends.”

Kathie J. Brentwood, CA

“Ben was my tutor for over six years. He really helped me improve my reading and writing skills. He also helped me prepare for the SAT. At times, school was difficult for me. Ben was always so patient and took the time to make sure I understood everything. I am now a college graduate and I am thinking about going to graduate school. I would never have come this far without Ben’s help. He is truly an excellent tutor.”

Michael B. Pacific Palisades, CA
Praise for Edric Choi

“Ed helped me raise my SAT score from a 1670 to a 2180. Not only that, but he also helped my cousin achieve close to a 2200. Over the years, Ed and his network of professionals and educators have provided me with invaluable advice. He has been instrumental in my matriculation at a competitive dual degree program at Columbia. He continues to be my family’s go-to tutor!”

Daniel M. New York, NY

“Ed has worked with our twins covering precalculus, calculus, and physics for over a year. He has a great command of the subject matter and, just as important, was able to communicate well with our kids. In addition to regular at-home sessions, Ed was always willing to be ‘on call’ via the internet for any stumbling block our son may have had with a calc problem. He even assisted our son in essay writing, reports, and college planning!”

Eddie and Cindy S. Redondo Beach, CA

“Ed is the best. I originally hired Ed to help my son with the SATs. During that time, he saw my son’s passion of computer games and encouraged him to turn it into a career. The next semester, we enrolled him in AP Computer Sciences. With ongoing tutoring, my son ended up getting over 100% towards an A+ in that class. He went from spending hours a day playing games to spending hours a day programming. My son even managed to surprise his teachers and Ed multiple times by finding new ways to solve programming problems. Ed is the best in the business.”

Emily P. Manhattan Beach, CA

“Ed has been a tutor to our family for 3 years. At first, my daughter was worried about how she would perform at Harvard-Westlake. Now she is a confident A student making the transition to the Upper School. Ed has helped her stay one step ahead in all of her classes, from math and sciences to the humanities.”

Elizabeth C. Los Angeles, CA